Lynn Pops

First Impressions

Lynn Pops calls herself your fetish fantasy come true and she´s right if you´re a fan of tattooed beauties. Despite the popularity of tattooed and pierced punk chicks like her there are surprisingly few with solo sites they stuff with great content. That makes Lynn unique and I´d say she´s more beautiful than most of those girls. You can confirm that for yourself with a visit to the tour. The tour is loaded with free pictures and they tease more fetish pictures including foot action, latex fun, and tattooed girl on girl excitement.

Hot Promises

The fetish aspect of the site is a big deal and gets pushed hard on the tour. The naughty aspects listed include latex, stockings, high heels, and nylons (often the same as stockings but they can include pantyhose too). The pictures on the tour show her smoking, spitting, hooking up with girls, and teasing her feet so you can expect to see all of those things inside. There´s also dildo sex. She promises weekly webcam shows but it´s always hard to count on that since most solo girls don´t stick around for long and once they´re done updating the webcam shows go away. However, you do get access to a network of free cam shows as a member.


There´s a short greeting from Lynn Pops on the main page along with a lovely picture of her in pink panties and her Twitter feed. A list of the most recent updates occupies the right side of the page and it looks like they´ve basically stopped. It´s been almost a month since something new was added and they´ve only made three updates in the last three months. Lynn is still active in the adult world but she´s no longer working actively on this site, which is a shame. However, there´s no reason to despair. There´s a ton of content here and if you fall for Lynn it will last you a long, long time.

There´s no question Lynn is an erotically driven, sexually charged girl. Girls with the volume of tattoos she has are rarely boring and chaste. Girls as into the exploration of fetish as she is are always into sex and arousal and the beauty of the pursuit of pleasure. That´s what makes her ideal for a site like this. You can look at it as a fetish site or you can look at it as a place to admire the beauty and desires of a smoking hot, tattooed, all natural blonde girl. For reference, some of the fetishes covered include smoking, lipstick, feet, pantyhose and stockings, lingerie, high heels, food, tattoos, lesbian sex (not really a fetish but it´s here), rubber, latex, light bondage, panties, polished fingernails, and more.

There are 198 picture galleries. Most are professionally shot high resolution images (1200px, generally) and they look gorgeous. Some are screenshot sets or crappy webcam captures but that´s really just a handful of them. The size of the sets varies wildly. Some have less than 20 pics and some are over 100. You´ll know before you click how many pictures the gallery has and you should have some idea of what you´re seeing based on the preview thumbnail and the title (although sometimes they do a miserable job of picking the preview thumbnail so you´ll have no idea what she´s wearing or doing in the vid). It´s remarkable how from set to set Lynn is doing something different. That´s part of what makes her great though. She´s interested in a little of everything so when you click a new picture gallery you´re entering a new world of desire and fetish (like a naughty latex lesbian set where both girls are in skintight dresses and teasing nipples with licking).

Her videos are divided into three categories. The first is the fetish videos, which is where you´ll find the bulk of content. There are 86 of them and they can be streamed in a high resolution player or downloaded in WMV and M4V for your iPod. The WMV comes in two resolutions, including high definition. We already discussed the fetishes so you know what to expect there. It´s worth noting that the videos often get delightfully specific. For instance, there´s an amazing clip where Lynn puts on beautiful pink lip gloss as she talks about how perfect it is. She puts it on nice and thick to make her lips look sex and sexual, and then she teases with them by popping her lips, kissing, etc. Finally, she grabs her boobs in their pink bra and she bounces them up and down while talking dirty to you. It´s a specific treat and it´s absolutely fantastic. Many of the videos are self shot and because of that they feel more intimate and arousing, like Lynn is performing for an audience of one (that would be you) and blowing your mind as she does so.

There´s also a section she calls the fun videos. Sometimes it´s just Lynn goofing around and making funny faces, sometimes they´re candid videos that don´t belong in the fetish section, sometimes the video is a holiday wish. There are 23 of those. Finally there are the archived webcam shows. There are 32 of them and they date back to when Lynn was actively entertaining on her webcam on a weekly basis. They´re great and can be streamed or downloaded in FLV. Lynn chats a little with the members (she talks as they type so you don´t always know what she´s responding too) and then she teases and masturbates. There´s a lot of tit groping, lingerie modeling, and more. She is always fantastically hot.

Unlike most solo girl sites the journal at Lynn Pops is actually really useful. She posts tons of candid pictures, updates you on where she´s going and what she´s doing, and more. It´s a genuinely good way to get to know her a little bit. It makes it even more of a shame that she no longer updates the site. Lynn was genuinely dedicated to making it great.

You might think that a site that no longer updates isn´t worth much. Normally that´s the case but with Lynn Pops there´s a decent reason to stick around. It´s the bonus webcam shows. You get access to a network of cam shows for free. There are 2-3 a day on average and they all star sexy solo girls you´ll fall in love with. The girls talk, chat, and masturbate. They dance and tease and strip and some are astoundingly good looking. New girls are added to the network all the time and it´s a huge value. A typical 60 minute show would cost more than $100 and here you get it for free every day.

Croco´s Opinion

If you´ve read the text of the review you can tell I love Lynn Pops and her site. The content is excellent and her exploration of fetish pleasures is exhaustive and impressive. With nearly 200 photo galleries and more than 125 videos for download and streaming it´s a big site even if it´s no longer updated. Plus, you get the free webcam shows every day. However, the real reason I like this site more than most in the solo girl realm is that it feels like Lynn really gives a crap. She´s really into the lifestyle of entertaining guys (and a few girls, I´m sure) online. She loves exploring new fetishes, making videos, taking pictures, masturbating on webcam, and more. She loves letting her members and fans in on her life (as the journal proves) and all of that rubs off on the members and makes it great fun to join her site and explore all of that with her.


The site is big but the design is fluid and it´s remarkably easy to make your way around.

Pricing Policy

It´s $24.95 for 30 days (recurring; you´ll pay $29.95 for the non-recurring option) and $49.90 for 90 days.

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